The Need
The need for adult literacy services in urban and suburban areas of Connecticut is growing at a rapid pace. We currently have over 180 students on our waiting list.

Yes! I would like to support LVCC
By contributing to Literacy Volunteers of Central Connecticut you can help us to improve the lives of hundreds of adults and families and to eliminate illiteracy in Central CT.

Please print and complete the donation form and send it with your check made payable to Literacy Volunteers of Central CT, Inc. to:
20 High Street, 3rd Floor
New Britain, CT 06051

The Impact
Workforce: Employers need workers who can read, write, compute, solve problems, and communicate well in order to compete in the global economy. Adults who lack the skills to succeed in today’s economy are often underemployed or unemployed, and are limited in their job choices by their literacy skills.
Families: Parents have trouble helping their child develop pre-literacy skills, reading them a story, or helping them with their homework.  Fifty percent of children whose parents are illiterate will become illiterate as well.Communities: Low literacy comes at a high cost to society. Low literate adults are far less likely to vote or become involved in their community. More low literate adults are on welfare. There is also a high cost to health and healthcare based on inability to take prescriptions properly and difficulties accessing healthcare systems and information.  Seventy percent of prisoners function at the lowest levels of literacy.How You Can Help
Literally thousands of students need LVCC’s help. We pride ourselves on our use of volunteers, but we also need financial support for tutor training, instructional materials, consulting with tutors, and student registrations/assessments and more!

Gift Amount

Amount per Month/Week

Will Buy


$8/month =
4 packs of gum

Books for 5 students who are trying to get a job or a better job


$4/week =
4 soda’s

Training and materials for 4 tutors


$10/week =

Sponsor a tutor training


 $1/week =
2 stamped letters

Resources for our Learning Library