We provide free, high quality training to adults who would like to become Literacy Volunteers. Many of our volunteers tell us that being a Literacy Volunteer is the best thing they have ever done.

Students at Literacy Volunteers of Central CT share how working with a volunteer tutor has changed their lives:

“I have learned a lot of English that improved my life in good ways. Now I can talk to my customers at work.” – Turkish Student

“I have more confidence. I am not afraid of trying to read new things, especially at work. I have finished a whole book with my teacher which I have never done before.” – Basic Literacy Student

“I have a good job. I’m not scared to talk or write. I read newspapers. I talk with my neighbors.” – Polish Student

“I have worked with my tutor since 2001. During this time my life improved a lot such as: better contact with my boss and co-workers, speak, read, and write more independently, and one year ago my husband and I bought a house.” -Polish Student

“It is very important to me because after I came here I could learn lots of things about the English language, and now I can find a good job and communicate with people better than before and I can continue my study at the university and help my daughter with her homework.” – Sudanese Student

“Before Literacy Volunteers,  I felt scared to speak English. I better said no, yes, and smiled. Sometimes they didn’t understand my dialect. After Literacy Volunteers, They asked me what I wanted to learn. We discussed everything. My tutor always corrects my English. Now I feel more confidence when someone wants to talk with me.” – Indonesian Student


Quarterly Hours/Achievement Forms FY21

Q1: July-September 2020

Q2: October-December 2020

Q3: January-March 2021

Q4: April-June 2021